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Robert Oxton Bolt (August 15, 1924 February 12, 1995) was an English playwright and screenwriter.

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It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world... but for Wales!

When a man takes an oath, Meg, he's holding his ownself in his own hands. Like water. And if he opens his fingers then- he needn't hope to find himself again.
When statesmen forsake their own private conscience for the sake of their public duties they lead their country by a short route to chaos.
Roper:So now youd give the Devil benefit of law![Sir Thomas] More:Yes. What would you do? Cut a great road through the law to get after the Devil? Yes, Id give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safetys sake.
The law is not a light for you or any man to see by; the law is not an instrument of any kind. The law is a causeway upon which so long as he keeps to it a citizen may walk safely.

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