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Progression not Procrastination

Today is Wednesday or as i like to call it Winsday, the day of winners, the world is our office, lets get to work, Its Grind Time!
Things happen for a reason. Moods change from days to seasons, If anything instead of pleasing them, please yourself & just leave'em
I thought you knew better but you keep choosing dudes that are labeled with the 12th letter! Your never going to win.
I understand u have a plan, but you lose from the beginning if you don't stay focus on your mission, its Winsday, start working on a win.
People just continue to jack&rob styles, from fashion, to art, to music & quotes, respect the orgin & don't fake it 2 make it, Jackie Robinson
I don't chase the cool i create the cool
Its not that your Dum, you just don't want to be Wise
Thank God for fake people, so it makes it easier to spot the Real
Seems as though people like to feed off negativity. I say when the enemy is thirsty, give them something to drink.
Progress is a process, your going hate waiting, but its better then Procrastination, Get on your Job
Its Money Monday, gather up yo tools & sources to get real by Toolsday or by Winsday u out the Winner Circle.
Its Winsday!! A day where i get surrounded by winners, who are interested but the finer things & figures, The Winner Circle gives you the motivation to keep pushing for your priorities that await. Help those to help you to be a winner.
If lying is your fashion its a bad look
Up early making ends meet, don't wait til the end to meet, no need to sleep late, start the paper chase before eight.
Its Winsday, wake up to get ya cake up, one time for the mind, two times for the grind, three times for the shine, say it wit me "It's Grind Time
Productivity is positive when pressin people about your paper, petty? paah! please

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