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Learning to love yourself first brings more joy and peace then trying to love someone else.

Thinking negative is so easy! thinking and being positive is a challenge.
Anything you Love or Love to do, is worth a try is worth your time and commitment.
some people sell their soul for something as little as ice water and don't even drink it
If you give me your heart I can either cherish it.. or throw it on the ground and step on it. Why are you giving me those options?
Well I guess Good men are just hard to find! Maybe they are all on one Boat! If I run across it, Imma hold'em hostage!
The End to Begin your new destination! everybody should start off with a full tank!
What Is Love: A MayBach with No engine! Just enjoy the inside, mark your permanent spot! Then You can build the engine together.
I draw my life out with my number two pencil first; proof read it, then pen it! Life is what you make it.
Today is Toolsday! Lets gather the right tools to make today a Beautiful day! Start with a smile! Tool #1
Tool #2 The Scale! Measure your words for they can cut and cause pain to someone! Think? Do they really deserve that!
You don't really have to be nice all the time, sometimes you have to give people your bad side, so that you can see who can accept you at your worst mood.
Don't sit around like a duck Go out and find ways to get your bucks up if gossip not making you money tell it to shut up!
Learning to live is not measured by life its measured by time.
Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it.
Always think highly of yourself and take pride in whatever you do! Cant nobody dictate your future but you
the kindest human of them all is GOD and the most powerful of them all
Guys are like full coverage bras they only show you a little of there life never the nipple!
Let" shouldn't bee in the same sentence as "ME WIN" at ALL!
Complement your life with beautiful smiles. It looks very becoming on you.
Don't let your age tell you what you can and cant do! Age is nothing but a simple number. PUSH!
I am not a car you can not gas me nor stop me! I will not achieve, u think like Sunday night foot ball, Watch Me!
You can be whoever you want to be. Dream Plan and Take Action and Keep God First
Lets start this week off with goals and plans and getting them accomplished! Lose the word I cant cause you Can!
Today is Winsday try not to take no loses! Find the winner circle and claim your prize. Winner!
You got to live life on a heavy meal if its not enough add a dessert!
Shopping is my high getting money is my drunk! Am Never sober ?
If life is more important then money why are we killing ourselves to get it?
There's a right and there's a wrong but if they separate why do they come together?
Don't let Stress get you down or stand in your way. Give it a pound and work around it soon everything will be okay.
New day, New start, New undergarments, New clothes, new shoes, New money, New attitude! I feel Brand New! You?
Don't believe or stop for NO one, that tells you ''your not going to make it'! Its your marathon they don't know where your going.
If u believe in yourself i believe in u and everyone else will to. For those who don't, let them choke on your smoke while u achieve your goals
You don't have to be a genius to get rich. But u do have to be determined to get rich.
When u repeat inspiring and positive things that means your aware of the tools u need to be successful ! Caviar
When something is Negative you hear it Loud. When something is Positive you merely have to strain your ears to hear it. Why?
I'm new in the game, but I'm super hot, I don't your temperature, I just need your fans.
I look like so much money, you came over here, thinking you owe me money.
I can Change the game cause Obama Said So
Confidence is one of the major keys to Success! Without confidence your road to Success is not believable continue to knock!
We was all made to make mistakes. Why you think they made pencils with erasers...It is not the mistake its the correction! Push
Look at other people like your mirror. See something in them that you don't like and change it in yourself.
They say the birds out number the people so everyday i am trying to make it equal.
Some People minds are like Hot Air Balloons. Big and Empty! Come back down let me put something in it for you..
Rap is to cool for me
A true artist looks at lyrics, pictures, stories, and paintings like a breath of fresh air.
If you pee in your bath water that means you are lazy. But if you pee in the public pool you are really nasty!
I'm new in the game, but I'm super hot, I don't need your attention, I just need your fans.
Time is never your friend but make good use out that bish, the snitch; only time will tell
Foolish behavior is similar to YellowMan. Everything is really detailed but yet so simple!
When success is worn properly everyone wants to suit up and show up. Rise to the occasion.

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