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John Rocco Savalli is best known as the author of "Money As Energy," and and the "Rock The Moment" essay, both found at rockthemoment.com.

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You know a whole lot more about money than you think you do. You’ve only been misled to believe that you don’t know by people who don’t want you to understand how simple money really is.

The secret to money is so simple that most people completely miss it, because they’re looking for some grand answer about this resource called money, which has so much power over them.
Money is simply the symbolic representation of human energy.
Money is whatever symbol we decide upon to represent human energy for an item or service.
Money represents a promise of human energy.
We'll [the central bankers] GIVE them someone to blame. We'll blame the greedy business islanders, and the rich. We'll play on people's negative emotions and natural reactions of fear, anger, jealousy, and resentment. We'll blame the very producers of real goods and services for the problem that we created, using our control of the island's communication media to shift the blame.
Truth is simple. It's just the truth. But think about when someone lies. Think about all the lies they need to tell in order to keep the original lie going. It's a tangled web, and it makes getting at the truth very difficult - which is exactly what the liar wants. That's why it seems that our financial system is so complex. We've gotten away from the truth - far, far away from it.
Our banking system is like a bunch of kids stealing from the cookie jar, and when the central bankers are questioned about it, they lie, or they say they're doing it for our own good - and then we keep putting cookies in the jar - and keep allowing them to steal - when all that's really happening is they're getting a free snack on us. They don't even have to be on their best behavior to get the treat!
Watching television as a passive viewer is like going on vacation for a while, and leaving all of the doors to your house unlocked. Any crap that wants to get in - will.
Remember that everything you see on television is an illusion - and you're only seeing what the magician wants you to see.
The power trust is nothing more than a select group of dictators, with the same goals and objectives - but unlike the brutal dictators we study in history - this select group prefers to operate in the dark, behind banks, governments, politicians, companies, and so forth.
The Light of Liberty is all-consuming because it is the natural way of the soul. It is the highest form of Love.

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