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John Kerry admitted that they took down building 7 with explosives.

Rex 84 is a martial law plan that allows the federal government to destroy the separation of powers.
Everyone is subject to the same failed human rationalizations.
Capitalism isnít the problem and neither is Socialism, its people, specific people, that are wrecking society.
You are an idiot, a retard, and whatever else you just called me
I wonít go into details, but doom was the primary element, or where its at in respect to harmony, order, and peace because as fortune has it, fate didnít have a chance.
Otherwise intelligent people allow things like hatred, prejudice, and various beams in their in their eyes affect their judgment.
Its good to hear from soldiers; I hope your voices are heard, and that your wounds are never hidden, so that maybe our children won't have to repeat what we've already been through time and time again.
Write us another myth please. We havenít had enough of this ego driven insomnia.
I love all people except the ones I don't, but I never met them.
A revolution lead by fox news and establishment types is not a revolution at all.
Music makes an empty world full.
Trying to explain a poem is like getting screwed by the audience, actual screws.
Poets eats the world and crap out poetry.
You're a bunch of anomalies, heretics of varying weirdness but not me; I'm normal.
You can't go too far; the objective of the poem is to blow people's heads off.
I'm well over it, the bridge, the moon, the indsidious plotting; I'm over the Machiavelian mob deep.
It started as an idea and just kinda fizzled in muddle-heads; liberty never existed.
Liberty is a good word for propagandists tho who want to appear enlightened without doing.
Carte Blanche decided to leave Liberty with the power of choice, and she choose to imprison Carte Blanche.
It's intelligent to be anti everything because progress is only made by creating an antithesis.
I don't believe in metaphors or similes that correpond with divided observations, exagerated paradoxes, which make a mountain out of a molehill; furthermore, I don't believe in similes or metaphors that correpond with exaggerated observations of divided paradoxes which make a molehill out of a mountain.

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