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People who are out to find fault seldom find anything else. It is a waste of time, no matter how much you find fault, it is not going to change anything. It's better to find a remedy.

Love poems are always cliche to me but not to the person itís for.
Darkness doesn't exist, you can merely measure the amount of light that is present. I think the same of hate, a lack of love rather.
Everytime I see a picture of George Bush heís making me hate, destroying love. Many people as a result of such do not love at all.
Youíre required to fight the government since they are not obeying the laws of the constitution and it says in the constitution to fight them if they are not.
You should look at the entire Bible as a whole rather then narrowly, if you can, under close scrutiny and with juxtaposition of passages
The hopes of one are set against the hopes of another. Religion vs. Religion with hidden hands. This destroys all of our hopes as we're set against ourselves as humans.
Much history of the world has been lost. How magnificent and confusing what's left is.
Hitler said that categories were the greatest tool a leader can use to control people and set them against each other. We should stop categorizing each other for all of the misconceptions that it causes.
Before I judge anything, first I ask, is it true about myself?
There hasn't been peace on earth because people cant seem to figure out that the real enemy is the people manipulating world events from behind the scenes for their own selfish interests.
Everything is poetry. It's just a matter of whether or not you can see it.
Pscyho analysts make more out of it, but I think she was a beautiful woman who was cursed by an asshole and so people thought she was a monster so she became one in a fictional story. History won't leave her alone.
A lot of what people teach, they canít include their opinion and they hate it, like journalists.
I learned from Bruce Lee, "Be like water" and Gil Grissom from CSI, "Be like sponge.
Weíre being poisoned on a mass scale either accidentally or on purpose. Iím pretty sure itís the latter because certain powerful people want to reduce population growth on a global scale.
I think weíre in trouble if people donít stop thinking everything that's going wrong is due to accidental opinions.
Doesn't make much sense to me to spray everything with chemicals when you're trying to clean.
If the bottom is the top, I will get to the bottom of this.
Creative forms is really where itís at for contemporary poetry.
The gallows were used to punish criminals, for instance the pharoahs would chop off peopleís heads and impale their bodies on poles for birds to eat and the Bible says that one of the reasons Jesus came was so that would not happen anymore because he lifted some sort of curse.
The Bible has us believe the world will end at any moment.
Having faith is one of the main themes in the bible and is tested by God to see if youíll remain loyal.
He works for his new world order masters. He said there were mass terrorist attacks coming in 2007 and that God told him so - I think itís fascist government fear mongering as they fail to point out that peanuts and deer kill more people than terrorists.
What they do is turn any intelligent person away from Christianity because they act like loons and thatís what people think it is because they see it on tv but they're actually part of a different hidden religion.
The ruling elites are obviously favoring marxís ideologyís as if the man has come back from the dead. This is what jfk warned us about lamenting that if only we wouldíve given marx - a poor journalist at the tribune a pay raise all of these monsters wouldnít have emerged. He then went on to warn us by telling the press to warn us, that there was a monolithic conspiracy being carried out by a secret society and that we were in grave danger. Thatís the last press conference he did before he died.
The path to God is the path of righteousness.
The path to god is the path of righteousness. While itís true no one is righteous, you can try to walk the path. That simply means doing whatís right but itís tricky since you cant consider yourself righteous without being self-righteous. You would have to do it for other people and/or God. In order to know what the right thing to do is, you will also have to gain wisdom. Wisdom is gained by understanding. Itís a more difficult path then it seems and mine has unfortunately been blocked by darkness. Good luck.
They consider care dull and do a ceremony where they burn it so they can be care-free while theyíre at the grove. Itís weird to see what those rich assholes are up to when they donít think any cameras are around.
Double-thought: as you believe things that should be self-contradictory. This is generally the result of some kind of propaganda.
We donít invade countries for the reasons we're told or we wouldíve done a lot of things about a lot of things. They tell you things like they hate freedom so youíre okay with them attacking but itís for other reasons.
Pentagon people sit around and come up with talking points to garner support for their actions and then give them to the media. They have no problem with fabricating things either. They consider it a necessary deception
Itís totally corrupt man.
Their real names roggenfelder but they changed it, the crafty bastards. We Are Change confronted him and exposed him. He ran away like a BIG PUSSY EVIL PENGUIN.
It does say if you donít love your fellow Christians you're not one in the big book.
Love everyone, quantum physicists are finding the reason.
You need to love your enemies and the world because if you have hate, disgust, whatever else itís bad for you while love is good. You operate on different frequencies and make the most connections in your genetic code so it would actually alter who you are and what you look like if you don't.
If you donít love your enemies and feel sorry for them theyíre winning an internal battle against you
Love to me is a feeling, to have universal love you have to always feel love no matter what.
Multiple emotions are always the weirdest. Have you ever been both happy and sad? Thatís me.
The Utopia the bible seems to want would have people hate evil when it is time to hate and suggests that people who turn away from the world to follow His word would in turn be hated and those people who hate them are to be humiliated in the end.
Ah, the romans 13 ploy. The CFR trained 26, 000 priests to tell you to obey the government as if their authority is an extension of God's. That is only valid if we lived in a righteous country. Hitler loved romans 13.
Hitler used Romans 13 to disarm his citizens. It's called fascism.
Under our form of government, the source of authority is supposed to be ďWe the people.Ē Not the slaves of a King. Our elected leaders are supposed to be public servants and not private masters.
Let it happen, let it happen, let it happen, let it happen, let it happen, let it happen, let it happen, let evil happenÖÖÖÖ..and donít forget your romans 13!
Weíre not their slaves. Theyíre ours. Read the constitution.
The antonyms for dreams are actuality, certainty, existence, fact, reality, substance, and truth.
Revolutions are the only way we can evolve coincidentally. Otherwise weíll be held back while the people we need to revolt against do.
One guy wants to help the rich the other the poor neither one works since raising taxes causes instability. They should do neither and eliminate everything from the budget until weíre making more then weíre spending. It's not rocket science.
This is pretty strange, not poems, poems are pretty good.
So many people die young. I'm hoping that's unintended.
The term bail-out is deceptive. They have people come up with euphenisms to hide reality
Weíre sleeping and thereís a bunch of creepy old dudes molesting us.
Globalists are bringing our country down. I tried telling people.
If u have money buy gold. It is going to double in value.
Members of Congress were told they could face martial law if they didnít pass the bailout bill. This will not be the last time.
You need to find The Lord. He's around here somewhere.
I don't like fuckfaces or arrogant ratiocinations. What I do like is dual-meaning words in poems.
They know mccain is going to be the loser. They sealed the deal with Palin. I would like them all to fuck off.
Gold is what people worship if they donít go with the invisible God.
I quit watching the debates after they excluded Ron Paul and censored supposedly live interviews with him from the tv.
Pundits are on payrolls.
I couldíve told you this was gonna happen 8 years ago because it is on purpose.
The real truth was taken by pirates and is at the bottom of the ocean. You will have to go deep to find it.
What has been is what it seems will be unless we can break our conditioning by realizing our conditioning. That's the only way we can break free from the cycle of history.
I don't write poetry with the intention of making someone sad but rather to illustrate my own feelings and ideas.
I can't say I haven't lied but I can say that I lied to tell the truth.
Truth equals our freedom. If we do not have it it appears to someone who even has a small glimpse of truth that we are not.
I'm always pleased to please beauty.
The dead hand of the past must die. We are waking up and that gives me hope that the new age will truely be free and not filled with the lies and democide of the old world order.
We need to stop this New World Order ideology now. First, by being educated and informed about it.
The Elitists are deceiving us, stealing hearts and are mysterious.
There is a war against the individual.
It's like a play we're watching
Satan isn't anything to believe in but there are people running things whose God is Lucifer. Check out the Lucifierian Doctrine which Albert Pike wrote. He said it is given to 29th-33rd rank Masons in his book Morals and Dogma.
We are all living inside a box and we get our information from a box. The box is not real, but we are.
We are indeeed being led to a pit, as it was written
All the heroes, the fire fighters and police men are dying. Don't forget them, many are still alive.
Sometimes we are scared of our own shadow, and our imaginations get the best of us.
You can find her in the Bohemian Grove. Also, congress is in her belly. I present to her the middle finger.
A sad reality that exists in the world persists among many. I lived in one as a child as well. It's very nightmarish thinking back.
He was defeated 2000 years ago though there's many that feel that he is The Lord and that they will succeed.
You won't improve unless someone tells you the truth.
Those who are purporting this one-world government ideology seek to achieve the pinnacle of power like so many that came before them did. And yes, they are the wolves afflicting the human race with death. They are like a cancer.
Have courage and standing your ground. No one ever solved nothin' runnin'.
What a beautiful world we're destroying.
Hopefully I can meet you in the next life.
Better luck next time they say, or you win some you lose some, I guess it's something like that.
Our duality becomes indifference. We just want to live our lives. That's my take anyway.
Man lies down and does not rise until the heavens are no more. They will not awake nor arise from their sleep.
If you don't think it's going on in this country it's because we've had the blinders pulled over our eyes for some quite time. In fact it has happened in NC and I know there's atleast over 75,000 reports of people being involuntarily sterilized in the US since 1929.
Nazis started the Science of Eugenics. It's the theory that to them, justified the holocaust. The problem is the Science has been broadly accepted around the world, including the United States. We even went as far as to hire the Scientists that were working on it and brought them over here rather then charging them with war crimes. [Project Paperclip] I think it is a very dangerous Science that contains ideologies that are a grave danger to the entire world.
Some circles believe that the Earth's population should be reduced drastically, up to 80% as some people have written and it is set in 8 different languages on the Georgia Guidestones.
God isn't what's wrong with the world. It's just who people blame when there's nowhere to point the finger but at ourselves.
Marriage used to be bondage and still is in some places. That's disconcerting.
There are many truely horrible things goin' on in the world whilst we're lost to the druthers over spilled milk.
If my life was a hole, it would be deep, filled with melancholy and sadness.
Love just is; golden in its simplicity.
This is true, the truth is scarce.
Sad people have more sober reflections.
All for one and one for one, our government has strayed.
They deceive themself and thus us; merchants and tycoons of the world. Evil has gone from bad to worse for a worthless reward.
The bad apples are at the top. They enjoy murdering the innocent people.
Hereís what theyíre doing: All power and wealth is going to the top of a compartmentalized pyramid system and then they plan to rule the entire world.
Einstein said that genius begins where rules end. He did however help invent nuclear weapons inadvertently and we've plunged toward a new world order since then as a result. One world or none - it seems the path cannot change. I'd go with Robert Frost on taking the path not traveled.
The idea that we are God is not true but God exists through us in our emotions and I reason that to go against our feelings, our conscience is to go against God's will.
That's not a conspiracy theory, it's history.
You can say someone is crazy about anything.
Nanothermite is an explosive. You can't accidentally find it anywhere except where it has been used.
Physics suggests that it would take the path of least of resistance but all three towers took the path of most resistance.
They weren't incapable of learning how to fly a plane because they were trained on U.S. bases and given VISAS by the CIA.
That's a logical(propositional) fallacy to say that because one logical dysjunction is false that the other is true.
You could read The Inside Story of the 911 Commission, by Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton(head of 9/11 commssion) and they state in there that they were purposefully set up to fail and that the whitehouse did everything in their power to impede the investigation while also disallowing any independant investigations to take place.
If standard operating procedure would've have been followed the planes wouldn't have been able to crash into the buildings, they would've been intercepted and then shot down if they didn't comply with their orders. Pilots that worked in that area have stated this as well. In June they changed the operating procedure so couldn't act without the approval of the secretary of defense.
If you listen to the tapes[NORAD tapes on 9/11], it's obvious they were given misinformation. They have no idea what's going on and they weren't even authorized to shoot anything down had they intercepted the planes because they were being given bad information and didn't have authorization from the DoD. One of 4 pilots(they wouldn't authorize more than 4 jets in the air) said that if you were watching CNN you would've had a better idea of what was going on than he did. They tried covering up those tapes for a long time for this reason.
They've made it clear that anyone who questions the official version of events on 9/11 is politcally incorrect and it is a career-killer for anyone involved with it, making people reluctant to take a position in favor of the CD hypothesis as the talking heads launch attacks against them, deem them insane, and the american people still buy their garbage.
John O'Neil [FBI Agent] was onto the terrorist's plot. His operation [Operation Able Danger] was shut down by the CIA. He was reassigned to the 105th of the south tower where he died on September 11.
A working theory is that 9/11 has to do with a think tank group called the Project for a New American Century. In 2000 they wrote a document titled 'Rebuilding America's Defenses which called for a lot of radical changes that came to fruition after 9/11 including the invasion of the middle east, things that they needed a buttload of money to do but didn't have funding. Toward the end they make the statement that before the process of transformation can begin a catalyzing catastrophe needs to occur like a new pearl harbor, otherwise it would've took them decades to do what they wanted to do.
There's a tribunal appointed by the president that can declare anyone an enemy combatant and enemy combatants don't have right to a trial. This allows the government to circumvent the constitution.
Whitaker Chambers testified that Alger Hiss was a member of his communist party cell. Alger Hiss was the president of the carnegie endowment for world peace which works closely with the UN advocating for the creation of a world government. They published a book in 1940 titled 'The New World Order' which outlines their plan for its creation after World War II. There's still people trying to create this supposed world order and there appears to be people involved from all sides of the paradigm.
John Kerry admitted that they took down building 7 with explosives.
Rex 84 is a martial law plan that allows the federal government to destroy the separation of powers.
Everyone is subject to the same failed human rationalizations.
Capitalism isnít the problem and neither is Socialism, its people, specific people, that are wrecking society.
You are an idiot, a retard, and whatever else you just called me
I wonít go into details, but doom was the primary element, or where its at in respect to harmony, order, and peace because as fortune has it, fate didnít have a chance.
Otherwise intelligent people allow things like hatred, prejudice, and various beams in their in their eyes affect their judgment.
Its good to hear from soldiers; I hope your voices are heard, and that your wounds are never hidden, so that maybe our children won't have to repeat what we've already been through time and time again.
If you donít write you wrong.
Write us another myth please. We havenít had enough of this ego driven insomnia.
I love all people except the ones I don't, but I never met them.
A revolution lead by fox news and establishment types is not a revolution at all.
Music makes an empty world full.
Trying to explain a poem is like getting screwed by the audience, actual screws.
Poets eats the world and crap out poetry.
You're a bunch of anomalies, heretics of varying weirdness but not me; I'm normal.
You can't go too far; the objective of the poem is to blow people's heads off.
I'm well over it, the bridge, the moon, the indsidious plotting; I'm over the Machiavelian mob deep.
It started as an idea and just kinda fizzled in muddle-heads; liberty never existed.
Liberty is a good word for propagandists tho who want to appear enlightened without doing.
Carte Blanche decided to leave Liberty with the power of choice, and she choose to imprison Carte Blanche.
It's intelligent to be anti everything because progress is only made by creating an antithesis.
I don't believe in metaphors or similes that correpond with divided observations, exagerated paradoxes, which make a mountain out of a molehill; furthermore, I don't believe in similes or metaphors that correpond with exaggerated observations of divided paradoxes which make a molehill out of a mountain.