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Michael Wakcher also known simply as Wakcher is a comic creator, writer, and satirist. He maintains a site of original quotes and witticisms at Wakcher.com. He is also the creator of the webcomic Circle Versus Square and also co-writes a comic called Werewif. His satire articles are published at the news satire website The Red Tractor.

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If all complaints had to be accompanied by the submission of a delicious sandwich then fewer people would voice them while more would be willing to listen.

The sweetness of victory is undermined only by its lack of nutritional content.
Language is a dangerous tool, that when misused, can result in nonsense.
With enough verbs and prepositions, anything can happen.
I urge everyone against choosing their dying words ahead of time. I said mine years ago and now I look like quite the fool.
To please a woman is to say 'please' to a woman...but at other times not.
A lie is just the truth masquerading as bullshit.
A physicist's journey starts with putting two numbers together, and ends with taking the Universe apart.
Sharing great wisdom in the company of fools may lead them to take you as one of their own.