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I'm a single mum of one, and was born in 1959. I live in New Zealand (NZ) and work for the NZ Defence Forces as, firstly, a serving soldier in the NZ Army for 5 years, and now in Admin/PR for the Royal NZ Air Force. I love writing and have even got 150 pages into a novel (which one day may get finished), have three poems published in an anthology or two and have a board game in the 'works'. I am constantly caught writing down on scraps of paper, little somethings (quotes and lines), which are later written into one of many special note books that scatter the bookcases and my desk at home.

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Beyond the reach of common man; is that one elusive thing...Trust!

Happiness shouldn't depend on other people; its how you feel about yourself that counts.
What is time? It's a place within the second where you consciencely remember all that has been but leaves space for all your hopes for tomorrow...
Time is a very healing place, one in which you can grow
Rainbows come and go, but as the moon moves over the zenith, sunshine gives to new beginings, on a new days voice.

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