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Kenneth Blanchard is an American businessman, as well as a consultant, speaker, trainer, and author on management and leadership. more

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As a manager the important thing is not what happens when you are there, but what happens when you are not there.

People who produce good results feel good about themselves.
The first principle of ethical power is Purpose. By purpose, I don't mean your objective or intention-something toward which you are always striving. Purpose is something bigger. It is the picture you have of yourself-the kind of person you want to be or the kind of life you want to lead.
Feedback is the breakfast of champions.
HELP = H(umor), E-go, edging God out, L-istening, P-urpose
For a manager to be perceived as a positive manager, they need a four to one positive to negative contact ratio.
I never use notes, they interfere with me.

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