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Prince Otto von Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg (April 1, 1815 July 30, 1898) was one of the most prominent European aristocrats and statesmen of the nineteenth century. As Prime Minister of Prussia from 1862 to 1890, he engineered the unification of the numerous states of Germany. From 1867 on, he additionally was Chancellor of the North German Confederation. The latter was enlarged in 1871 to the German Empire, as the first Chancellor of which Bismarck served until 1890. He is nicknamed the Iron Chancellor.

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The main thing is to make history, not to write it.

When you want to fool the world, tell the truth.
Anyone who has ever looked into the glazed eyes of a soldier dying on the battlefield will think hard before starting a war.
An appeal to fear never finds an echo in German hearts.
With a gentleman I am always a gentleman and a half, and with a fraud I try to be a fraud and a half.
When a man says that he approves something in principal, it means he hasn't the slightest intention of putting it in practice.
I have seen three emperors in their nakedness, and the sight was not inspiring.
Politics is not an exact science.
Politics is the art of the next best.
Better pointed bullets than pointed speeches.
Laws are like sausages. It is better not to see them being made.
A journalist is a person who has mistaken their calling.
A government must not waiver once it has chosen its course. It must not look to the left or right but go forward.
The great questions of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions but by iron and blood.

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