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She was born in Hampstead, London, the second child of Francis Lenn Taylor (December 28, 1897 November 20, 1968) and Sara Viola Warmbrodt (August 21, 1896 September 11, 1994), who were Americans residing in Britain. Her older brother is Howard Taylor (born in 1929). more

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It's not the having, it's the getting.

I've been through it all, baby. I'm Mother Courage.
Oh, I wish I could completely explain how I feel about having a baby. It's that procreation is the greatest miracle of all, and you are participating in it, contributing to it--as animals must do, as the grizzly bears must do because they kill to protect their cubs. You feel an affinity with all the vast things in the world since time began. And you feel so small. Procreation is like the tide, it's like the planets it's like everything inexplicable. And yet it's so utterly personal.
Richard doesn't like to give presents when you're supposed to give presents. Christmas and birthdays go right by. But when he goes out and buys something, say, because it's a Tuesday, he's terribly excited.
I've been married too many times. How terrible to change children's affiliations, their affections--to give them the insecurity of placing their trust in someone when maybe that someone won't be there next year.

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