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Johann Kaspar Schmidt (October 25, 1806 June 26, 1856), better known as Max Stirner (the nom de plume he adopted from a schoolyard nickname he had acquired as a child because of his high brow [Stirn]), German philosopher, who ranks as one of the literary grandfathers of nihilism, existentialism and anarchism, especially of individualist anarchism. Stirner himself explicitly denied holding any absolute position in his philosophy, further stating that if he must be identified with some "-ism" let it be egoism the antithesis of all ideologies and social causes, as he conceived of it.

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The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual crime.

Whoever will be free must make himself free. Freedom is no fairy gift to fall into a man's lap. What is freedom? To have the will to be responsible for one's self.
The men of the future will yet fight their way to many a liberty that we do not even miss.

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