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A heart that loves is always young.

The beginning is the half of every action.
Act quickly, think slowly.
Who ceases to be a friend never was one.
A truth spoken before its time is dangerous.
If you steal something small you are a petty thief, but if you steal millions you are a gentleman of society.
First secure an independent income, then practice virtue.
When God throws the dice are loaded.
A miser and a liar bargain quickly.
Men never moan over the opportunities lost to do good, only the opportunities to be bad.
Painless poverty is better than embittered wealth.
When at a loss how to go on, cough.
Milk the cow, but do not pull off the udder.
Kindness begets kindness.
Gray hair is a sign of age, not of wisdom.
A beard signifies lice, not brains.
Think with the wise, but talk with the vulgar.