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To change and change for the better are two different things

Take the world as it is, not as it ought to be.
It is better to trust the eyes rather than the ears.
Envy eats nothing, but its own heart.
Begin to weave and God will give the thread.
One must either be the hammer or the anvil.
Nothing is as new as something which as been long forgotten.
Never give advice unless asked.
In the morning of life, work; in the mid day give council; in the evening, pray.
A man trying to sell a blind horse always praises its feet.
What the lion cannot manage to do the fox can.
Towards evening the lazy person begins to get busy.
Who has never tasted what is bitter does not know what is sweet.
Who digs a pit for others will fall in themselves.
Charity sees the need, not the cause.
Mules are always boasting that their ancestors were horses.
The greatest step is out the door.
The wise person has long ears and a short tongue.
Those that will not hear must be made to feel.
Speaking comes by nature, silence by understanding.
Fair flowers are not left standing along the wayside long.
Between the anvil and the hammer.
Work is our business; it's success is God s.
The morning hour has gold in its mouth.
Luck seeks those who flee and flees those who seek it.
Weeping bride, laughing wife, laughing bride, weeping wife.
Prudent men woo thrifty women.
An old error is always more popular than a new truth.
Always something new, seldom something good.
When fortune knocks open the door.
Too aim is not enough, you must hit!
The worst behaved students turn out to be the most pious preachers.
Today must not borrow from tomorrow.
Nothing weights lighter than a promise.
A country can be judged by the quality of its proverbs.
Revenge converts a little right into a great wrong.
He who undertakes to be his own teacher has a fool for a pupil.
Liberty is God's gift, liberties the devil s.
Those that rule must hear and be deaf, must see and be blind.
What little Jack does not learn, big John will never.
Office without pay makes thieves.
In bad fortune hold out, in good hold in.
Even the lion has to defend himself against flies.
A clear conscience is a soft pillow.
The fatter the flea the leaner the dog.
An old man loved is winter with flowers.
To advise is not to compel.
To advise is easier than to help.
God gives the nuts, but he does not crack them.
To call war the soil of courage and virtue is like calling debauchery the soil of love.

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