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There are three kinds of people; those that make things happen, those that watch things happen and those who don't know what's happening.

If your time ain't come not even a doctor can kill you.
Those who sleep with dogs gets up with fleas.
After all is said and done, more is said than done.
Maternity is a matter of fact, paternity is a matter of opinion.
Nobody has ever bet enough on a winning horse.
Of two evils, it is always best to vote for the least hypocritical.
From small beginnings come great things.
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.
The love of evil is the root of all money.
If men could see the epitaphs their friends write they would believe they had gotten into the wrong grave.
Cut your losses and let your profits run.
Before borrowing money from a friend decide which you need most.
The secret of life is not to do what you like, but to like what you do.
When pleasure interferes with business, give up business.
There are three things that can destroy a preacher, the glory, the gold, and the girls.
You can't steal second base with your foot on first.
It is better to be safe than sorry.
Better to be safe than sorry.
It is bad luck to fall out of a thirteenth story window on Friday.
No matter how bad a child is, he is still good for a tax deduction.
A man who has both feet planted firmly in the air can be safely called a liberal.
You must not enthrone ignorance just because there is much of it.
The wicked work harder to preach hell than the righteous do to get to heaven.
A malignant sore throat is a danger, a malignant throat not sore is worse.
All is fair in love and golf.
Smith and Wesson or a Colt always beat four aces.
What is an expert? Someone who is twenty miles from home.
You cannot have all chiefs; you gotta have Indians too.
The only thing we learn from new elections is we learned nothing from the old.
Don't change horses while crossing a stream.
Never swap horses crossing a stream.
The cemeteries are filled with people who thought the world couldn't get along without them.
In business partnerships and marriage partnerships, oh, the cheating that goes on.
The more sins you confess, the more books you will sell.
Some will, some don't, so what!
The early bird gets the worm.
After a rich man gets rich, his next ambition is to get richer.

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