Quotes by Ludwig Von Mises

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Ludwig Heinrich Edler von Mises (September 29, 1881 - October 10, 1973), was a notable economist and social philosopher. Von Mises was born in Lemberg, Austria-Hungary (today Lviv, Ukraine), the son of Arthur von Mises, a railroad engineer and civil servant, and Adele von Mises, born Adele Landau. He was the older brother of physicist Richard von Mises. The Von Mises family moved to Vienna when Ludwig was a young boy. In 1892 he entered the Akademisches Gymnasium, where he received a humanistic education and befriended Hans Kelsen. Early on, von Mises was particularly interested in history and politics. After graduation, in 1900, he therefore began to study at the department of law and government science at the University of Vienna.

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Government is the only institution that can take a valuable commodity like paper, and make it worthless by applying ink.

The history of mankind is the history of ideas.