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Joaquin Miller was the penname of the hyperbolical American eccentric Cincinnatus Heine (or Hiner) Miller (September 8, 1837, or November 10, 1841 - February 17, 1913). Born in Indiana, he moved to Oregon and later to California where he had a variety of occupations, including mining-camp cook who came down with scurvy from eating what he cooked, lawyer and a judge, a newspaper writer and a Pony Express rider. After spending several years in New York and Europe, he settled in California, where he grew fruit and published his poems. Called (mainly by himself) the "Poet of the Sierras" and the "Byron of the Rockies", he was more of a celebrity in England than in his native United States.

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Death is delightful. Death is dawn, the waking from a weary night of fevers unto truth and light.

All honor to him who shall win the prize. The world has cried for a thousand years. But to him who tries and fails and dies, I give great honor and glory and tears.

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