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The word no Carries a lot more meaning when spoken by a parent who also knows how to say yes.

"Just wait till we can vote," I said, bursting with 10-year-old fervor, ready to fast, freeze, march and die for peace and freedom as Joan Baez, barefoot, sang "We Shall Overcome." Well, now we can vote, and we're old enough to attend rallies and knock on doors and wave placards, and suddenly it doesn't seem to matter any more.
He talks to me very softly, and when he enters my body, I feel a single moment of sharp pain. But it is not the old terrible agony of the locked door and the banging crowbar.
My time and my eternity My cigarette, my nicotine My coffee, tea, and whole cuisine My loaf of bread, my jug of wine All this and more sweet Valentine!

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