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Bo Lozoff is the director, and co-founder with his wife Sita, of the Human Kindness Foundation, and co-founder with Ram Dass, of the Prison-Ashram Project. Since 1973 the Lozoffs have been going into over a thousand prisons teaching three classic spiritual values: simple living, personal spiritual practice, and a commitment to service. An accomplished musician/ songwriter (Whatever It Takes, Eyes So Soft) Lozoff also takes his music on the road and into prisons when he is touring for the Ashram Project. Bo Lozoff's first book, We're All Doing Time, is considered "the convict's Bible", by both inmates and prison staff alike, and along with three others authored by him, are sent free to inmates all over the world upon request. His most recent book: It's a Meaningful Life: It Just Takes Practice, is published by Penguin, with a forward by the Dalai Lama, and has written a children's book, The Wonderful Life of a Fly Who Couldn't Fly. Among his humanitarian awards are an honorary doctorate degree from the Chicago Theological Seminary, and along with his wife Sita, the “Temple Award for Creative Altruism” (Institute for Noetic Sciences). Fred Rogers named Lozoff one of his personal heros, along with Mahatma Gandhi and Albert Schweitzer.

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We're all stumbling towards the light with varying degrees of grace at any given moment.

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