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LESLIE LEVER was born in 1905, the son of a cotton merchant who has emigrated fleeing the Pogroms from Lithuania in 1889. His family were prosperous enabling him to become a "poor mans lawyer" taking poor peoples case to court at his own expense, if they lost and did not recover costs from the other side. This prior to the advent of Legal Aid in the late 1940s was the only way poor people who had valid civil claims could bring them to Court. He became a Labour Councillor in 1928 and served on the Manchester City Council for 49 years. He was a legendary Lord Mayor of Manchester in 1957-8 attending over 2700 official engagements in his year of office as well as going to Munich with his wife at his own expense to visit the injured and bereaved of the Manchester United Air Disaster. In addition he was Member of Parliament for Ardwick, Manchester 1950-70 and
knighted by Popes John XXIII and Paul VI (Knight Grand Cross of St Gregory
the Great in the 1960s and by the Queen in 1970 for his philanthropic work.

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Generosity is a part of my character, and I therefore hasten to assure this Government that I will never make an allegation of dishonesty against it wherever a simple explanation of stupidity will suffice.

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