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Quotations Book Visitor Comment: I knew John Kiley In Monterey around 1976 and 78. He was always a gentleman, and an interesting friend. We met doing some similar ministerial studies. At that time, he taught ethics at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey. We had several interesting discussions about various topics. I especially enjoyed his book the art of self rescue. If I recall correctly, John described his original training as in the realm of "clinical" philosophy. His goal was to help people see how they tied themselves into traps and how they could "untie" themselves by rethinking their false beliefs, challenging them, etc. He's a good man and has a passion for people to truly own their own lives. (sent in by Michael Traster)

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The split in you is clear. There is a part of you that knows what it should do, and a part that does what it feels like doing.