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Turkish by descent, Adnan Khashoggi (or Kashoggi) (Arabic: )(Born 25 July 1935), son of Muhammad Khashoggi a doctor of medicine, was educated in Victoria College in Alexandria in Egypt, Chico State College and Leland Stanford Junior University in California USA. It is said that he quit his studies in order to seek his fortunes as a business man. Khashoggi headed a company called Triad Holding Company which amongst other things built the Triad Centre in Salt Lake City, Utah and was later declared bankrupt. He was famed as a broker of arms between US firms and the Saudi Government most active in the 1960s and 1970s. Among his overseas clients were defence contractors Lockheed Corporation (now Lockheed Martin Corporation), Raytheon, Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation and Northrop Corporation (which have now merged into Northrop Grumman). A shrewd business man, he covered his fiscal tracks by establishing front companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein to handle his commissions (bribes) as well as developing contacts with notables such as CIA agents James H. Critchfield and Kim Roosevelt and US business man Bebe Rebozo, a close associate of President Richard Nixon.

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