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Giovanni Florio (1553 1625), English writer, was born in London about 1553.

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Praise the sea; on shore remain.

A good husband makes a good wife.
To long for that which comes not. To lie a-bed and sleep not. To serve well and please not. To have a horse that goes not. To have a man obeys not. To lie in jail and hope not. To be sick and recover not. To lose one's way and know not. To wait at door and enter not, and to have a friend we trust not: are ten such spites as hell hath not.
For proverbs are the pith, the proprieties, the proofs, the purities, the elegancies, as the commonest so the commendablest phrases of a language. To use them is a grace, to understand them a good.
Who has not served cannot command.
Who will not suffer labor in this world, let him not be born.

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