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Leroy Van Dyke (born October 4, 1929) is billed as "The world's most famous auctioneer." He was catapulted into fame by his hit, semi-autobiographical, country music song, "The Auctioneer", in 1956 and has been a renowned auctioneer and entertainer since. "The Auctioneer" was followed by the movie, What Am I Bid, in which Van Dyke played himself as an auctioneer. His next hit song, "Walk on By", reached No.1 on the country charts in 1961 and remained on the charts for 37 weeks. In 1994 Billboard Magazine designated "Walk on By" as the No.1 country song in chart history. Van Dyke had one more hit song, "If a Woman Answers", that reached No.3 on the country charts in 1962.

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