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Croesus, who was legendary for his enormous wealth, was king of Lydia from 560/561 BC until his defeat by the Persians in about 547 BC. Born in 626 BCE, he was the son of Alyattes and continued his father's policy of conquering the Ionian cities of Asia Minor, but was friendlier to the Greeks than his father had been, giving refuge at one point to the Athenian statesman Solon. It was said that Adrastus exiled himself to Lydia after accidentally killing his brother. King Croesus welcomed him but then Adrastus accidentally killed Croesus' son, Atys. He then committed suicide.

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In peace the sons bury their fathers, but in war the fathers bury their sons.

There is a wheel on the affairs of men revolve and its mechanism is such that it prevents any man from being always fortunate.

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