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UK novelist Carol Clewlow's first book, Keeping the Faith, was shortlisted for the Whitbread Prize, while her second, the best selling A Woman's Guide to Adultery was translated into 15 languages and turned into a TV mini series. A further novel Love in the Modern Sense plus a number of her short stories have been broadcast on radio while a version of the fourth, One For The Money, was staged. Her most recent novel, Not Married Not Bothered, a best-seller in the UK has also been published in several other European countries. The first writer in residence in a UK medical school, she is a founder member of Operating Theatre (www.operatingtheatre.org.uk), based in Newcastle University Medical School and for whom she writes short plays on health and medical issues.

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The real problem between the sexes is that for men, sex is a gender-underliner, they need it for their egos. We don't need sex to make us feel we are the person we need to be.

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