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Thomas Chatterton (November 20, 1752 - August 24, 1770) was an English poet and forger of pseudo-medieval poetry. Committing suicide by arsenic rather than die of starvation at the young age of 17, he served as an icon of unacknowledged genius for the Romantics. more

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There is a time for all things -- except marriage my dear.

It is my PRIDE, my damned, native, unconquerable Pride, that plunges me into Distraction. You must know that 19 - 20th of my Composition is Pride. I must either live a Slave, a Servant; to have no Will of my own, no Sentiments of my own which I may freely declare as such; --or DIE --perplexing alternative!
How shall we celebrate the day, When God appear'd in mortal clay: The mark of worldly scorn: When the Archangels heavenly Lays, Attempted the Redeemer's Praise And hail'd Salvation's Morn.

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