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Eric Butterworth was Senior Minister of The Unity Center of New York City from 1961 to 2003. He made a peaceful transition into the Flow of Eternal Life on Thursday, April 17, 2003. Eric was considered a legend and spiritual icon in the Unity Movement. We will never know the countless number of lives that have been changed by applying the Spiritual Principles taught by Eric Butterworth. The author of 16 best-selling books on metaphysical spirituality, a gifted theologian, philosopher, and lecturer, Eric was a highly respected New Age pioneer and innovator of New Thought, whose life was dedicated to helping people to help themselves. Eric has often been referred to as a "Twentieth Century Emerson." more

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Nothing stops the man who desires to achieve. Every obstacle is simply a course to develop his achievement muscle. It's a strengthening of his powers of accomplishment.

Don't go through life, grow through life.
We don't change what we are, we change what we think what we are.
There is no such thing as a lack of faith. We all have plenty of faith, it's just that we have faith in the wrong things. We have faith in what can't be done rather than what can be done. We have faith in lack rather than abundance but there is no lack of faith. Faith is a law.
God can only do for you what He can do through you.
One of the best things to do sometimes is simply to be.
SIN: Self-Inflicted Nonsense
Our job is not to set things right but to see them right.
Attitudes are the forerunners of conditions.
Fundamentalists believe Jesus was God becoming man. I believe that Jesus was man becoming God.
The one thing that a fish can never find is water; and the one thing that man can never find is God.
Where you are in consciousness has everything to do with what you see in experience.
Evil, and evil spirits, devils and devil possession, are the outgrowth of man's inadequate consciousness of God. We must avoid thinking of evil as a thing in itself-a force that works against man or, against God, if you will.
I am not what I think. I am thinking what I think.
In studying mathematics or simply using a mathematical principle, if we get the wrong answer in sort of algebraic equation, we do not suddenly feel that there is an anti-mathematical principle that is luring us into the wrong answers.
Prosperity is not just having things. It is the consciousness that attracts the things. Prosperity is a way of living and thinking, and not just having money or things. Poverty is a way of living and thinking, and not just a lack of money or things.
While many people are trying to be in tune with infinite, what they really are is in tune with the indefinite.
Your fortune is not something to find but to unfold.
Most people show up for work being physically accoutered but mentally disheveled.

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