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I have nothing to offer you but my strength for your defence, my honesty for your surety, my ability and industry for your livelihood, and my authority and position for your dignity. That is all it becomes a man to offer to a woman.

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Source Notes: Candida (act 3) (1898). The minister Mr. Morell offers himself to his wife Candida, as he believes he must compete with the young poet Marchbanks for his wife's affection. Technically this is not a proposal but a sort of renegotiation of the marriage contract. While the poet offers "My weakness. My desolation. My heart's need," Candida says she will stick with her husband, whom she sees not as a defender or provider but as one who needs protection after years of having been coddled by women. In explaining the wife's role as she performs it, she says, "I build a castle of comfort and indulgence and love for him, and stand sentinel always to keep little vulgar cares out. I make him master here, though he does not know it, and could not tell you a moment again how it came to be so."

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George Bernard Shaw (July 26, 1856 November 2, 1950) was an Irish playwright and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925.

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