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He hath his autumn ports And havens of repose, when his tired wings Are folded up, and he content to look On mists in idleness: to let fair things Pass by unheeded as a threshold brook.

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Source Notes: "Four Seasons Fill the Measure of the Year." "He" here refers to "man" in the collective sense. Keats compares the seasons of man to the seasons of the year, and here describes the contentment of middle age.

A bit about John Keats ...

John Keats (October 31, 1795 February 23, 1821) was one of the principal poets in the English Romantic movement. During his short life, his work was the subject of constant critical attacks, and it was not until much later that the significance of the cultural change which his work both presaged and helped to form was fully appreciated. Keats's poetry is characterized by an exuberant love of the language and a rich, sensuous imagination; he often felt that he was working in the shadow of past poets, and only towards the end of his life was he able to produce his most original and most memorable poems.

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