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Thank you for your wonderful website. It is a consistent source of inspiration, laughter and entertainment. I share your site with all my friends and have links on my social networking pages to it. Your work is making a difference in the lives of more people than you can imagine.

- Kasey Knutson

March 2008

Quotations Book was nominated for European Rookie of the Year at the Next Web Awards in Amsterdam

May/June 2007

"Credibility is king" on creativematch:

Quotes are only the beginning of many potential ideas, including the first emotional search engine. You can type in 'bored' for example, and QB returns relevant quotes.

An interview with Talis. Amit speaks about the future of QB.

Coverage on Mashable - a leading social networking blog

February 2007 - The Future of Web Apps

We were sponsors and speakers at Future of Web Apps. This is what a couple of people thought:

What's more interesting to me about QB, however, is it's the first site I've seen to apply the principles of the semantic web to text. We're all aware of the websites and applications that are transforming the way we access and interact with photography, video, music and other art forms, but there's been very little done to upgrade the experience of literature. Apps like QB are among the first to think about what we can do with plain text, and that's what makes them particularly exciting.

- James Bridle

And then a couple of shy looking geeks shuffle onto the stage to explain that they'd spent two years studying how quotations work. Yes, 'Alas poor Yorrik', 'alea jacta est' and all that. In the meantime, they missed web 2.0, but now they're catching up. With flickr for your photos, youtube for movies there is a missing piece - and the answer was launched today at This is what the entrepeneurial web should be about. A couple of guys with an odd passion, hacking away somewhere to make something which just might change the world. I hope they make it.

- Cathryn Symons

Before we launched...

The Scoble Show - an interview with Amit, the founder

You have put together a very friendly website with a comfortable atmosphere. I am looking forward to using it a great deal in the future and am excited to watch it mature. Thank you.

Charles, an early user