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Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.

Started by natious avatar natious

this is a great quote, it makes sooo much sense

2grouchy avatar2grouchy said:

There has been only one perfect human being, and they hung him on a cross. It is the striving for that perfection which makes us better people. For those who are satisfied with their behavoir there can be no improvement

User gone

Well said 2grouchy. It is certainly to our benefit to learn and grow toward the ideal. Many people say that is not being realistic, to have a high view of ideals, but maybe their view of what should be the norm is skewed. They need to reach higher, pursue that and in the process set a new norm.

Robertofgoodna avatarRobertofgoodna said:

"Perfection" and "excellence" are simply human concepts. So the quote says very little. It may be inspiring to some. As for Jesus being "perfect", he simply went into the wilderness for many days, and achieved enlightenment through meditation and fasting. His subsequent message was that anyone could do this. "Be yourself, listening to the Godd within."

User gone

Robertofgoodna, I think maybe you should do a little research about who Jesus was. You can look in the Bible or many other extra-Biblical sources (Josephus among others) to find out who he was as an historical figure. Jesus was here on earth for about 30 years. He had a supernatural conception and was perfect before and after he was born. One has about as much chance of becoming perfect through meditation and fasting as one would have to grow another arm just because you wanted another one. What happened when Jesus was in the wilderness for 40 days is that Satan came and tempted him. Hardly a time of simple meditation and peace. You said, "His subsequent message was that anyone could do this. 'Be yourself, listening to the Godd within." That isn't at all what the Bible teaches. We aren't gods or even have the capacity to become god. There is only one true God and Jesus is His name.

2grouchy avatar2grouchy said:

Robertofgoodna: There is no God within, man by his very nature cannot be God Like he can only listen to that wee small voice of his conscience. Mayber that is God talking to him but I think that conscience is something taught to us by our parents, and when they don't, we have no conscience

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