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Biography for Gilbert, W. S.:

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It would be superfluous to contribute biographical material on one of the best known English playwrights of the nineteenth century, and probably the only one whose work even now is produced somewhere in the world every single day. Gilbert and Sullivan were such celebrities on both sides of the Atlantic (Gilbert's plays had been produced in San Francisco as early as the 1870s, before his collaboration with Sullivan) that there is practically nothing unknown about either of their lives. The definitive 1957 biography by Hesketh Pearson is subtitled "His Life and Strife." For those who prefer to watch a DVD, Mike Leigh's 1999 film "Topsy Turvy" about the genesis of The Mikado is highly entertaining and extraordinarily faithful to the facts on both men.

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Hello Thanks for this. Can you post a replacement biography for any of the authors you mention? I can replace it with one that's better. Simply visit any author page and contribute your biography, which should ideally be concise. Amit

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