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And the wild regrets, and the bloody sweats, none knew so well as I: for he who lives more lives than one more deaths than one must die.

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I believe this quote is not at all about hypocrisy. But I offer my comment with respect for the work that went into finding the quote and posting it to this website. The lines quoted above appear in Wilde's poem "The Ballad of Reading Gaol". Reading Gaol is the name of the prison where Wilde served a two year sentence after being convicted of indecency (or was it immorality?). These lines are found in Part III, the last stanza. And perhaps some know this poem much better than I do. But from what I've read about Wilde, and from my reading of the poem, I believe the last thing Oscar Wilde ever worried about was hypocrisy (to pretend to be what one is not). I think the poet/narrator is describing the desperate price one pays for living life to fullest, while confessing that living desperately is the only way he knows to live.