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3 clicks needed to bookmark a quote? (I am very lazy):

Started by StormeNet avatar StormeNet

*Clicks bookmark button* "Would you like to bookmark this quote?" *sigh* Yes "This quote has been bookmarked" *Okayyy...* Close In my opinion 3 clicks to bookmark a quote too much... Imagine having to confirm each "like" on facebook and then have to close the confirmation of the confirmation! This would be ideal: *Clicks bookmark button* *Done*

amitkoth avataramitkoth said:

Sorry about this - we just made the process shorter!

StormeNet avatarStormeNet said:

Already much better indeed! Ideally would be without any confirmation, but I can live with the current solution ;) Something else: in my original post I used several line breaks and they weren't preserved, is that by design? It makes the post seem busy without any breaks.