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The devil is God's ape!

Started by The.Devil.Deus avatar The.Devil.Deus

this is inaccurate. The #TORAH is written in #Yiddish ...I am told that the only way to read one is to be taught how to teach one. From those of us who desperately wanted to be in discipleship programs but do not favor the dogmatic principle of Christianity it should make sense that although there is more to this book we only see what they want us to. Any Rabbi will tell {you} that the Torah is the first 5 books of the Holy Bible in the Old Testament. What it won't say is that #Lucifer is named "The Bearer Of Light (not "the morning star") after God states (possibly to his/herself "Not all angels are trustworthy...let those who are most #loyal shine the brightest' and Lucifer far out-shinned everyone. At this point God gives dominion of the planet earth to Lucifer dubbing him {or her; whatever} "The Bearer Of Light." Lucifer becomes sullen wondering, "If God is so pleased with me...why does he not spend any time with me{?}" At this point original sin is 'born' on earth and #sin is the daughter of the Devil and the have children together and the Devil has children with those children as well. In Judaism Lucifer is known as "An Agent Of God" also God's Ape (sometimes wearing the faces in mock of the trinity or having Rooster feet or cloven feet also known to have faces on his/her torso or where the groin is. "Speak of the #Devil and he will hear of it!"

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