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A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.

Started by reginepremian avatar reginepremian

There are things in life that need no reason or explanation. We simply do them because they are there. The essence of human innocence.

defuzo avatardefuzo said:

Yes, the birds use woodo. Explanation: The beginning is the half of every action.Greek Proverb And then when half is made, re-begin on the next half. Until there is only a tiny tiny fraction of the song left (using woodo to finish it, or else it never ever never ends... Ew, there is a word in Swedish for stuff that are soo basic, that it doesn't need explanation ("basal", "axiom", or "basal-axiom"). As salt, or a white-wall. Simple stuff, that other reasoning are built upon. A picture (or a song), maybe "can be describe by more than a thousand word" (some quot also).And if it ever would be described, the magic will be lost.

defuzo avatardefuzo said:

Or maybe the bird sing, because its a pray. Not for redemption, and not for resurrection. But for "salvation" (as the new "terminator" movie).

defuzo avatardefuzo said:

Or test "twitter", if you like oneliners.

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