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Bookmarks via Ajax:

Started by tobibeer avatar tobibeer

It shouldn't be awfully difficult to implement bookmarking such that - instead of being redirected to some "you just bookmarked this quote" page - you would just click the quote image, it would handle the request via Ajax (if js is turned on -> otherwise you'd get that nice page) and after being set, the bookmark sign turns into a colored version of itself (might just be implemented using a x or y offset via some css property or by changing visibility) and get's a title/alt of "you officially bookmared this wonderful quote" or the likes. You might even consider unquoting the exact same way, just the opposite direction. What do you think?

amitkoth avataramitkoth said:

Hello This is exactly how bookmarking works at present - it's ajax - so you can toggle and untoggle. Do you use an old browser or IE? It may be causing problems. Amit

djimmey avatardjimmey said:

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