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Started by tobibeer avatar tobibeer

I think it were great if users could put up their own quotes the inclusion of which in the search would have to be turned on. I belive, combined with the ability to rate (up/down), contest and comment them, this might be quite interesting... like top 10 user quotes of the week, etc... Of course, that would also require a new origin category. What do you think?

amitkoth avataramitkoth said:

Thanks! You can enter your own quotes by creating an account. Rating is a little superficial, because a numerical rating on an emotional/sentimental piece of text doesn't mean much. We do however, feature all recently bookmarked quotes, no matter who added them - throughout the site.

Patrick.A.Osborne avatarPatrick.A.Osborne said:

I disagree, Amit (respectfully of course). If I may be so bold, please allow me to sway your opinion. The rating system on Quora (quora[dot]com) is arguably one of the key factors to the Q&A site's success. On Quora, people often reply to a user's question with highly detailed & well-written answers (on almost any topic imaginable), knowing that a better response yields more votes, thus more exposure. The better responses receive PRIORITY over the lesser ones. Readers benefit from the added insight and information, and posters benefit from the gratifying feeling of being recognized/appreciated. I understand QB is not meant to be a popularity contest, but a rating system does more than just assign a "numerical rating", it motivates users to deliver better content. In turn, better content attracts more users. If an utterly genius quote receives the same priority as a poorly written quote, there is little incentive for a user to post a user quote on QB over another quote site. Quotations Book has an advantage over many other quotation sites: A strong & simple design aesthetic that places priority on the quotes themselves, with an emphasis on user interaction. A ratings system would further boost user involvement because it gives users a voice. It allows them to say "I like that/ I agree with that" or "I don't like that/ I disagree with that". It allows quality content a fairer chance at the attention it deserves, and incentivizes users to create better content. I believe that if this feature were to be properly implemented, Quotations Book could become a top contender among quotation sites. Thanks for reading!

amitkoth avataramitkoth said:

Hi again Patrick/Tobi, We are strongly considering these features, but also trying to balance them against the (very!) limited budget left for QB. I'm trying to do as much as I can in the little time that I have! Rest assured that these requests have all entered the backlog for getting done. thanks Amit