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Started by happys avatar happys

How do we know that the sky is not green and we are all colour-blind? ~Author Unknown

auddiec avatarauddiec said:

everything is relative. just because several may believe something to be true does not ensure its accuracy. sure something may be widely accepted, but is it true?

lynn10 avatarlynn10 said:

It will remain the consensual truth until proven otherwise. Prove to me for example the sky is green and convince the rest of the world the same, it now becomes the (new) truth.

lemonslushee avatarlemonslushee said:

because color blind does not mean that, everyone thinks that color blind means seeing colors different, when in reality it means , not being able to identify what colors coordinate with others.

Robertofgoodna avatarRobertofgoodna said:

The sky has no colour. It is an optical illusion. Look at the sky at night, and ask yourself "What colour is it?"