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Biography for Lady Carrick:

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The Lady (Angela) Diana Margaret Carrick (nee Smith!) was born in PNG on 14th October 1927. Was educated in Sydney and married John Leslie Carrick on 2nd June 1951. He later became Sir John Carrick as a Minister in the Menzies governments of the time. She developed as a leading figure in the world wide Girl Guides movement. She delivered a famous speech to Wenona Girls School in 1956, exhorting the nschool leavers to do great things.

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Thanks! This is updated on the web.

Robertofgoodna avatarRobertofgoodna said:

Lady Carrick was so important, as one of the world's conservatively-minded radical reformists. A Conservative with a humanitarian heart. Why do we waste time on the antics of scatter-brained "celebrities"? Ave atque vale!

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