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Started by djimmey avatar djimmey

Why is a quote web site advertising products not related to the web page contents? So Annoying don't you think? Here we are sharing intelligent saying, thoughts, and general concerns of life. I wrote about this last time, no response.. Now we have a video commercials interrupting your train of thought. I am so tired of being sold to, I'm giving up Direct TV just because of constant loud commercials. We are being bombarded to get your attention off what WE what to focus on, its a wonder if anyone can have peace of mind.

amitkoth avataramitkoth said:

Hello I apologise for the ads. I need to explain myself on how much has been spent building and maintaining this site. I spend a lot of time building features and maintaining this site, as well as paying for hosting it. The ads barely cover these costs, and as such - they are essential to cover costs at least (without taking my time into account). I detest ads as much as you do, but I had no choice but to place them. I aim for this site to be permanent, and to ensure its longevity, and that seems the only available option to do that. I am also building a shop where you can make handmade goods (canvas items) out of any quote - but that will be a little longer before it's released on the site. I hope in future - that is what will earn the money for this site, rather than ads. thanks Amit

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