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Started by miggz95 avatar miggz95

that is SO true.. i feel like that right now..

Robertofgoodna avatarRobertofgoodna said:

Regret is a bad concept. There is no need for it. What has happened has happened. We cannot change that.

Loui avatarLoui said:

But its good for the wrong thoughts...

destinymarie169 avatardestinymarie169 said:

Regret is a word true selfish people use to not sound so conceited.Regret has nothing to do with feeling bad about what you if it truly bothered you that much you wouldn't have done it.Regret is simply the fear of exposure.The fear of what you did get out to others and your image changing before them.Reget and remorse are the fear of being caught.

BVFL33 avatarBVFL33 said:

Wow you have the nail right on the head with this. All we can do is move on and learn

jocaan avatarjocaan said:

destinymarie169, you are a little hard on yourself. Relax, take it easy. Regret seems worth it if you are dealing with fear of exposure to your own soul. Confronting the truth can bring on some fear in dealing with your defences can it not? In that sense the fear of being cought by yourself is something like bravery. Frank C.