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He who does not know one thing knows another

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¡°He who does not know one thing knows another.¡± This proverb is stating that you can¡¯t judge someone just by looking at one part of the person¡¯s side. Everyone has at least one special talent they are born with that can¡¯t be ignored. I strongly agree with this proverb. Here are the reasons why it is so. First of all, because it¡¯s always true that people at least have one talent event though you might not think they do. Some people have no talent in subjects people are tending to use and enjoying the most, and are ignored in the society. But these people have talents in other subjects that people are not interested in. For example, I was working with my friend during a math class, and I had to keep teaching my friend how to solve a problem because he wasn¡¯t very talented in math. I sometimes got very frustrated because he kept asking me on and on which bothered me a lot. I sometimes teased him saying that he wasn¡¯t talented at all. Two weeks later, a speech contest came up. He titled the first place in no time. I was amazed. I thought, ¡°I should never harass people because they are not good at something. I should try to help them with my best next time.¡±

williamleader avatarwilliamleader said:

But in some cases, the statement might not be so clear. Because some people fail to use the talent they are gifted with and have no special abilities. Some people don¡¯t face many new challenges in their lives. Most of the people discover their hidden talents by facing new problems in their lives. They can either determine if they are good in the new subject given because they can test their selves. So we should all try to help those people who haven¡¯t discovered their talents yet, to build up a better and wealthier society.

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