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Biography for Yeats, William Butler:

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William Butler Yeats (1865-1939) was born in Dublin into an Irish Protestant family. His early years Yeats spent in London and Slingo in which he later depicted in his poems. In 1881 the family returned to Dublin. Studied at the Metropolitan School of Art. In 1886 Yeats formed the Dublin Lodge of the Hermetic Society and took the magical name Daemon est Deus Inversus. As a writer Yeats made his debut in 1885, when he published his first poems in The Dublin University Review. In 1887 the family returned to Bedford Park, and Yeats devoted himself to writing. In 1896 Yeats returned to live permanently in his home country. He reformed Irish Literary Society, and then the National Literary Society in Dublin, which aimed to promote the New Irish Library. At the age of 52, in 1917, he married Georgie Hyde-Lee, who was 26. They had a son and a daughter. During their honeymoon Yeats's wife demonstrated her gift for automatic writing. Their collaborative notebooks formed the basis of A VISION (1925), a book of marriage therapy spiced with occultism. While in Mallorca Yeats became seriously ill. In his final years Yeats worked on the last version of A VISION, which attempted to present a theory of the variation of human personality, and published THE OXFORD BOOK OF VERSE (1936) and NEW POEMS (1938). Yeats died in 1939 at the Hôtel Idéal Séjour, in Menton, France. Yeats's coffin was taken in 1948 to Druncliff in Sligo, but there is some doubt as to the authenticity of the bones.- "The mystical life is the centre of all that I do and all that I think and all that I write."

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