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Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army.

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can anyone elaborate a little more about the quote

davs avatardavs said:

In my opinion, educated person knows the value of liberty and what threatens it, therefore he will do whatever is necessary to protect it.

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Education of the populace is what our Founding Fathers wanted to accomplish. That is part of the reason for the Federalist Papers. The writers of the Constitution wanted the American public to understand what had been written, what it meant and how it looked in application as a nation. That education included the reason for taking the risk of revolting against the most powerful army and navy in the world at that time. We had nothing or near nothing as far as a standing army or navy to support our Declaration of Independence. By educating the people about liberty, freedom and a government "for and by the people", the people had a cause to fight for and defend. A cause that elicits emotion in mankind, will drive him/her to risk all they have in order to keep it, for themselves, and those less fortunate, who don't have the ability to fight for it completely on their own. There is a reason why people with too many letters behind their names; without the common sense to go with those degrees; want to revise history and the noble, principled beginning we had in these United States. That reason being that if the populace doesn't have an emotional attachement to a cause, they are easy to control and exploit because they will give up easily, because what they have isn't worth dying for. Ronald Reagan said " freedom isn't passed along from one generation to the next in the blood. It must be fought and died for".

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