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To love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance.

Started by sberger91 avatar sberger91

what do we think about this

oh_purplehippo avataroh_purplehippo said:

haha I don't think this is meant to sound wrong, lol :) but then I think it's saying that you have to know yourself before you can love another. Because like if you have hurt or something from your past that hinders you from having a relationship - let's say you're a person that has harsh words because you've been grown up in a bad background or something, then you have to know that and become aware of that before you can ever have a relationship with another person (I'm guessing that's what it is). Because the key to loving others is to first love yourself. If you can't love who you are, then how are you gonna ever love another?

kevincporter avatarkevincporter said:

I totally agree with you on that. Its like that song by Life House, you can never love be if you don't learn to love yourself. And loving yourself is to have high self-esteem and to care for yourself. To think positive and have not regrets but to live free and honor your emotions.

Tria avatarTria said:

I think it means that if you can be okay with yourself and the life that you're living then you have obtained the ultimate relationship; one that will last forever. I don't think it has anything to do with another person. Finding love with another person is wonderful but loving yourself is joy on an entirely different level. For me that is when my actions in daily life are consistent with the values, morals & principals that truly define me. I call that "living above the line." I am comfortable, having no regrets, knowing that I am always doing the next right thing. Life is easy. I have found joy & I have serenity no matter what challenges come my way. I am not concerned with what others may think of me because I am doing what I know is best. I have a level of humility that allows me to see the unknown as wonders to be explored rather than an embarrassment of things of knowledge unachieved. When I am living below the line I am uncomfortable in my own skin. I have fear. I am restless,irritable and discontent. If I recognize this I can easily find my way by altering my action, being of service to others, finding why I am living below my line and adjusting my perceptions. Then I can be back at self love and true joy.

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