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Most men lead lives of quiet desperation...:

Started by burnafterpluto avatar burnafterpluto

...and go to the grave with the song still in them. " -Henry David Thoreau I was having a debate with a friend over this quote- less of a debate and more of a little disagreement, really- because we weren't sure if by 'men' he meant men, males, manly men, humans with a y chromosome and so forth, or humans in general. It'd be great if someone could clear that up for me, sorry to bother you!

davs avatardavs said:

Hi, in my opinion men means human not male here. People conform and forget they are (not anybody else) responsible for their own life and happiness. To achieve something means to make an effort.

Timoteoarao avatarTimoteoarao said:

The problem really is that we pretend to be what we are not.Let us learn to be sincere with ourselves.This is a process.The society will nver help us to be authentic.Our parents will not help us to be sincere and authentic with ourselves. Our teachers will make us automatic machines. The society will systematically annul all creativity, authenticity and honesty towards oneself.They will use all means to comform us to the systems.

User gone

"Men" refers to mankind in general. Whether someone feels fulfilled in life has nothing to do with their gender. It has to do with living their lives with a sense of purpose and vision. Most people in the world live a life of obligation and not a life of priority. It is said that "most of what we regret in life is not what we have done, but what we haven't done." Life is about many little choices we make on a daily basis which end up getting us where we are. And because many of those choices are bad we end up living out of bligation/duty and not for what we truly value.

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