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I‘ve always enjoyed reading books of quotations, sayings and proverbs. After years of browsing them I began my modest career as an epigrammist, which requires not modesty, but plenty of chutzpah (Yiddish: an excess of confidence unjustified by one’s circumstances). Who am I, a nobody, to say something immortal? Well, there are no degrees or prerequisites for writing epigrams. Epictetus was a slave, La Rochefoucauld a duke, Kafka a government bureaucrat, William Blake a starving artist and Nietzsche was a nut case. We get pleasure in reading maxims, but the quotable is also useful to us -- in writing a speech, making a toast at a wedding, to begin an article, in a sermon, to inscribe in a book given as a gift, in making a point in an argument, in an obituary, before a poem, in concluding a novel (“All is vanity”). Why struggle with a thought if someone has already said it better? And of course I am sending my epigrams out into the world in the hope that they will be usefully quoted.