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What I believe about God is the most important thing about me.

Started by Jackie80660 avatar Jackie80660

can anyone tell me exactly how they interpret this?

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How we (as sinners) see God (who loves us and makes salvation possible through His Son Jesus) is critical because it will determine our eternity. Because of that view we will either be in God's presence for eternity in Heaven or be separated from Him forever in Hell. It also affects everything else in life now; relationship, personal character, etc. Everything else here is temporal. It's not that it's not important, it's just not as important as what is eternal.

Robertofgoodna avatarRobertofgoodna said:

"God" is a concept invented my man. So it is very unlikely that any two people will have the same "picture" of that concept. Theological explanations and descriptions of the God concept are more and more inconsistent and illogical, the further the theologian tries to explain. So, in the end, each person has to make up their own conceptual image of the nature of "God". Could it be that "Godd" is the life spirit within each of us (and certainly not a person sitting on a throne up in the sky!)? And that this is what connects us all, via what is sometimes called "the other side"?

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I think you're confusing Biblical teaching with what man's opinions are of that Biblical teaching. It isn't man's opinions that are the basis of TRUTH, it is the Bible. When one looks at all the differing opinions it is easy to say that they are inconsistent and illogical. The Bible is neither of those two things. If we as mankind are the one's to "make up their own conceptual image of the nature of 'God'", we are left hopeless and helpless.

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